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Reduce the cost of a funeral through PrePaid Funeral Plans

Cover the cost of a funeral through a Prepaid Funeral Plan

The cost of a funeral doubles every 8 years and typically has to be paid at a time when the deceased person’s bank accounts are frozen, adding to the family’s stress at a very emotional time.

With green issues relating to both cremation and burial adding to the cost of even a modest service, funeral directors throughout Scotland confirm the rate of increase will only accelerate further.  It is estimated that direct funeral costs will have risen to just under £6,000 by 2021.

Funeral costs have risen 11 years on the trot and 90% since 2004

41% of people had made no financial provision for their funeral and in 50% of those cases family had to borrow money to cover costs

Furthermore, and for obvious reasons, you won’t be able to see whether or not the service chosen by your spouse or children is what you would have wanted. In my experience, a family’s biggest concern at their time of loss is the fear of not having done what their parents would have wished.

This situation can be avoided if you arrange the funeral in advance. From big decisions (such as the type of burial) to the small ones (such as whether you would prefer flowers or donations to charity), getting your wishes in writing will give you and your family peace of mind that every aspect of your funeral will be as you wanted on the day. I work with funeral-planning companies throughout the UK to help design, and pay for, pre-paid funerals according to my clients’ wishes.

With your pre-paid funeral plan in place you can relax, knowing that your funeral will not leave your children facing large debts after you have passed away. You can feel free to spend or give away your money during your own lifetime, knowing your wishes for the very last details have been sorted out.

Pre-paid funeral plans are calculated at today’s prices, with any shortfall being the responsibility of the insurer/trustees. You can create a plan for yourself, partner or children for roughly the price of a loaf of bread per day, paid over several years.  If you choose to pay over one or two years, it’s interest-free. Alternatively, you can buy your funeral plan with a single payment.

Your money is held in trust, rather than with an individual funeral director.  This allows you maximum flexibility in case you move out of the area, or the firm changes owner or goes out of business.

I have tremendous confidence in pre-paid funeral plans, and have benefited from them myself. Both my parents lived hundreds of miles away from me and my sister.  Years ago they made plans outlining the very different funerals they both wished.  After they passed away, one phone call was all that was needed to get the funeral planning underway, without having to do all the work myself – and at a cost saving of 2/3 off the price at the time!

My parents’ foresight freed us to mourn their passing, rather than being forced into making quick decisions at a vulnerable time, getting overwhelmed by paperwork and paying hefty funeral bills that we had not anticipated. I am grateful to them for taking the time to plan their funerals; to return the favour, my wife and I have out funeral plans in place, to ensure that our children do not have to go through the needless stress of arranging funerals immediately after our deaths.

Funeral plans don’t just cover conventional funerals.  They can be set up for all types of burial: woodland sites, motorcycle hearses, eco or “whacky” coffins, burials at sea, with humanist or religious services or with no service at all.

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