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    Mr Jolly the Will Writer – Advantages of Using a Professional Will Writer

    Introducing Mr Jolly the Will Writer who helps people who don’t have a Will and the advantages of using a Professional Will Writer.

    Mr Jolly meets Mr & Mrs Dreamer to help them get a will in place which will help them:

    • Avoid the money grabbing government
    • Their family dealing with lots of legal paperwork

    Mr Jolly talks to Mr Chump & Ms Giggle to help them with setting up:

    • Legal Guardianship of Children

    Mr Jolly the Will Writer – Peace of Mind from using a Professional Will Writer
    Introducing Mr Jolly the Will Writer who gives people Peace Of Mind and the covers the advantages of using a Professional Will Writer.

    Mr Jolly meets Mr & Mrs Wise’s to help them rewrite their will at no extra charge because lives move on, in particular:

    • Care Home Fees – Allaying their fears and about losing their home for Care Home Fees

    Mr Jolly meets Mr Overloaded to help him organise his busy life through:

    • “Advantages of setting up a Powers of Attorney at any stage of life”.

    Helping Mr Stylish who wants:

    • A Living Will to save his family from making harrowing decisions.

    Guiding Mr & Mrs Organised in saving money through setting up:

    • Funeral Plans and saving the family heartache at a harrowing time.

    Mr Jolly the Will Writer- Demystifying what a Will Writer does
    Many people ask me what Will Writers do, so I put together this video to help “Demystifying what a Will Writer does”.

    What can you expect during my no obligation visit? And why using a Professionally qualified Will Writer is important.

    Please remember we offer comprehensive advice rather than taking quick instructions.

    Why Saltire/About Me
    Years of professional experience helping clients and families through the minefield that can be left after a death.
    • Putting things in order with simple instructions for afterwards
    • Dispelling the myth that “they can sort it out afterwards” isn’t perhaps the best thing to do
    • Grateful families often thank me, the will writer for the help and explanation my working with their loved ones brings.
    • Giving good professional advice.
    • Giving with a warm hand can bring great rewards.
    • Remember to check & update wills every time there is a life changing experience, and what that might be.
    • As a Will writer I can broach subjects that might be too sensitive for others.PART ONE


    Who am I and why does it matter?
    This video covers the benefits of using a Professional will writer, particularly one who is the Scottish representative for the Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters.
    Will Services and the will writing process
    This video will cover the following important aspects

    • The most important document you are ever going to write
    • Know it’s legal & guaranteed with 2 million pounds of insurance to back it up
    • “Complicated families” are looked after by bespoke accurate wills
    • A professional will writer or a cowboy!
    • Disabilities and special needs both areas that can be sorted out in your will
    • Hospice visits and 24 hour turnaround can be arranged
    • Letters of wishes to give the family the explanation as to why?
    • Always know the fixed cost

    Power of Attorney
    This video explains the real benefits to having a Power of Attorney

    • Not just for old people
    • Advantage of having a third party
    • Ideal for forces personnel, people who work away from home, take holidays and enjoy life

    Advanced Medical Directive
    This video explains in a simple way the key elements of an Advanced Medical Directive, going through:

    • What is it?
    • How does it work?
    • Why do I need one?
    • Allowing dignity at the end

    Who should make a will?
    This video covers some example profiles of people who benefit from a will. Did you know that 70% of people don’t have a will?

    • 66% don’t have the right will for their needs
    • Modern life and possessions have moved on from your grandparent’s day
    • Wealthy? Coping? Struggling? You still need a will
    • Complicated family, children under 16? Do you trust a 16 year old to spend sensibly?
    • Pets are the 1/6th most popular beneficiary in a will

    Pre-Paid Funeral Plans
    This video covers the benefits of having a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan.

    • Funerals cause family fallouts
    • Have what you want Funerals double in cost every 10 years
    • Pre-paying removes money from your savings so can’t be assessed for care home fees
    • Remove the hassle and allow the family to grieve and remember the good times

    Long Term Care Funding

    This video covers some of the key elements of Long Term Care Funding.

    • Terrified of the costs?
    • Unfair means tested system Homes sold to pay the fees
    • Cost is 3 times that of a mortgage
    • Protect at least half your home possibly all your wealth
    • Act sooner rather than later

    Executry Services
    This video covers the following aspects of Executry Services:

    • What does an Executor do?
    • Why a professional executor can make sense

    Document Storage Safety & Security
    This video covers the benefits of having your documents stored safely and securely:

    • Clients & Executors all know where the will is stored
    • Will re-writes at no extra cost
    • Guaranteed annual household charge fixed for life

    long term care funding solutions
    exectury services