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    Legal Document Storage and Maintenance

    After your will is complete, the original should be kept safe from theft, fire, flood or other damage, but easily accessible when needed.

    To ensure this, I encourage all my clients to take advantage of my Store and Update service, which offers a complete document management solution.

    All my clients receive their own bound copy of their will to refer to as they wish, as a standard benefit.

    In addition, those taking advantage of my Store and Update service also receive wallet-sized ‘gold cards’ for themselves and their executors to notify all relevant parties of the location of the original will and any other documents archived with me. I can also provide secure document storage for other items, including house-deeds and certificates, if required, at no additional charge.

    The household fee is currently just £39 a year, and remains fixed once you’ve signed up to the service.  For that fee your will is lodged in a deep-storage facility, accessible only to executors with a valid death certificate. For extra security it will also be backed up by electronic copies encoded for security.

    As part of my Store and Update service, your will can be updated at any time, free of charge.  Examples of changes my clients have made to take advantage of this service include making an extra bequest to a long-term friend as a ‘thank you’, changing the percentages of the estate due to settle upon certain beneficiaries, adding beneficiaries and changing executors.  It is not necessary to rewrite your will if you change your surname or address.

    You will also receive the option to upgrade your will at any time (say, for instance, to add in trusts or other complicated arrangements) at cost of just the upgrade itself. To ensure your will still meets your needs, you will also be entitled to advice on the validity and functionality of your will at any time.

    This firm complies with the ISPW Code of Practice.

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