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    Why Choose a Professional Will Writer in Scotland?

    My name is Dennis Gardener and I am the Principal of Saltire Will Solutions of Perthshire, Scotland.  My dedication to quality customer service, developed over 30 years as a hotelier, means I honestly want you to have the best.  That, plus a determination to help people plan for and live through difficult moments in their families’ lives, led me to train as a professional willwriter over 20 years ago.

    The way I work is quite simple: I listen to your concerns and wishes, seek to understand your circumstances and offer practical advice tailored to your own individual situation. By knowing the law and using it to your full advantage, I can ensure that you will be able to look after your loved ones, protect your assets and make your wishes clear regarding your end-of-life care, funeral details and estate distribution in the event of your illness or death.

    If further specialist advice is called for, or if you require very complex arrangements, I work with a wide network of legal, financial and medical experts to guarantee a complete and professional service for you.

    Ethics are important to me.

    I strive to give the soundest professional advice, backed by personal loss, years of willwriting experience and a strong personal belief in the need to do the best for my clients and their families. By my personal attention to each client, I can ensure that the documents I have drawn up are used and interpreted as intended. I am also bound by strict codes of professional discretion, an obligation I take very seriously indeed.

    I have helped many families across the UK avoid arguments, save money and reduce the number of decisions that need to be made at a harrowing time. I am delighted when clients recommend my will service to others, so that I can give their family and friends the same peace of mind regarding their affairs. With over 80% of my willwriting business coming from referrals, I am pleased that my work has made such a positive difference to so many peoples’ lives.

    I am proud to be the 1st Fellow of the Institute of Scottish Professional Willwriters (ISPW), Scotland’s division of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW). My membership signifies that I have passed the Institute’s rigorous exams and background checks, as well as fulfilling its requirements for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training each year. It also provides my clients with the reassurance that each document I complete is covered by £2 million of professional indemnity insurance for them, their executors and their beneficiaries.

    I am also proud to have been elected Vice Chair, Chairman and now Vice President for the IPW. This appointment recognises my commitment to working to the highest professional and ethical standards. It allows me to work with the IPW and the UK’s elected and governing bodies to make sure that everyone seeking the advice and assistance of a willwriter gets the best possible service from me and my colleagues.

    I am passionate about my role as a willwriter, and spend much of my free time raising awareness of the need for wills and estate planning within the community. I regularly give non-commercial talks to retirees’ groups, service clubs and Human Resources departments outlining the benefits of proper planning and will services.

    Although I am based in Perth and cover mainland Scotland, I am qualified to write wills that are valid in both Scotland and the rest of the UK. An initial consultation is always at my expense, and we can ideally initially meet in person; if that’s not possible, we can Skype, speak on the phone or communicate by email.

    Make this the year you make or update your will: one that is right for your life today but can also be updated for whatever life holds tomorrow. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that in providing for your loved ones, you are protecting everything you worked so hard to create.

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