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    Who will sort everything out after a death?

    I work with families at all stages from the writing of your will right through to ensuring the estate is wound up according to your wishes.

    There is a lot of administration to be dealt with in the aftermath of a death and very often the family are not in a fit state to cope with it all.  If a spouse or close friend has been made an executor (the person appointed in a will to carry out its instructions), they may struggle with all the paperwork, phone calls and meetings.

    This is why it is often helpful to appoint an independent professional executor as well as, or even instead of, family or friends.

    Saltire Will Solutions, in conjunction with King’s Court Trust’s executry service, offers free, impartial and practical advice on what to do when someone dies.  I will help you understand your options and make informed decisions with confidence.

    Together we provide a comprehensive estate administration service to relieve your family of the stress, effort and legal liability of dealing with a potentially complicated process themselves.

    The fee is fixed, so everyone knows what costs to expect: they need have no fear of hourly fees creeping up unexpectedly high.  It also includes extras like empty home insurance and rehousing pets, removing the strain and worry of those adjusting to the bereavement.

    I can also work closely with any other executors, including your local family solicitor, to bring about a seamless conclusion to your estate.

    This firm complies with the ISPW Code of Practice.

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